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Standard 1" Center Hole 10LB Plates Pair

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Engraved Gold Color or Blank Black


Sold in Pairs (2 Plates)


Standard 1" Center Hole Plates for Standard Bars and Adjustable Dumbbells.


  • 1" Center Hole. Standard Plates
  • 10LBs Yellow Coated Engraved or Black Blank
  • 3/8" Thin (Super Skinny!)
  • 11" Outer Diameter
  • Fits most Standard Bars and Adjustable Dumbbells


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Sold in pairs (2 plates)


**Disclaimer In Current Steel Market**

While Weight It Out plates are aesthetically pleasing, we are an industrial manufacturer.
Our plates are function first but looks are a bonus!
We use Industrial Steel and Industrial coatings.
Surface scratches and minor cosmetic imperfections may occur but are underneath the coatings. We cannot control the surface of the steel but we do our best.
It is impossible to completely prevent.

As a small American Manufacturer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and will continue to serve you to the utmost of our capabilities.