Why Us?

We started small, but think big. American made in the Midwest.

We aren’t your normal big box or drop ship company — we strive for excellence, craftsmanship and the fulfillment of the American dream.

We wanted to make the best and most accurate, durable and thinnest Powerlifting plates ever. we accomplished this after banging our head against the wall!

While other companies gouged prices or couldn’t keep up with demand, we designed convenient weights for home gym, personal use and commercial gyms to keep up with your fitness goals. You can now load 3X as much plates as you could with traditional plates!!

We saw a need to not only keep small businesses afloat, but also to keep everyday people who need their workout for their health and sanity safe.

Keep America Strong. We are doing our part to keep American manufacturing sustainable while keeping your fitness goals on track during the current events.

Time to get excited. Shop small, get BIG. What are you ‘weighting’ for…

The Weight Is Over!

Are These Right For You?

We value function over aesthetics for the hard-core lifter who needs great plates! 👍🙏

We use industrial steel, industrial coatings and industrial processes. Since we use raw industrial steel there is always going to be a raw steel look and feel - blemishes, minor dings, pittings etc.

This adds to the authenticity of every plate being unique in itself. We do our best to make them look good but it is almost impossible to be perfect. And that's how we like it!

Contact Info

Email: info@weightitout.us

Phone: 815-596-9167