Cosmetic Issue Plates (SOLD PER PLATE)

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  • Sold per PLATE. Not in Pairs

Repeat....each price is per plate not pair 

Get some of your favorite products for less!

Sometimes not every plate is up to our standard to sell at full price. We are offering cosmetically flawed plates for a discounted price. These plates have no functional flaws, but may have scratches, or other cosmetic issues. 

All plates are coated unless stated otherwise.

When you order these, you can be assured the plates are still accurate in weights and same dimensions and specs.

Issues are purely cosmetic. You may receive tarnished, scratched or blanks plates. Some are very close to our quality standard but did not pass for one reason or another based off appearance.

If you are looking for some inexpensive, high quality, premium plates to pick up and put down…get these while we still have them.

Supplies are very limited and once gone we will not have anymore. We may add others and different plates so be sure to check back often!


Sold per plate. Not in pairs


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Made With Solid Steel

100% American Made, Owned, and Founded.

Thinnest plates on the market so you can fit more on your bar and in your gym!

About Our Plates?

We use high grade solid steel, not to be confused with cast iron.... Athough, we do have cast iron versions as well. Solid steel is one of the most accurate and durable plates that can be made!

Plates On The Planet!

Perfect for powerlifters, competitive lifters, and your garage gym.

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